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Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to Sell-SA Cars.

Here at SellsaCars.co.za, we believe that car buying and selling should be straight-forward and enjoyable, not time-consuming, complicated or stressful.

We have combined experience in helping people find the right car and dealership within their area to save time and the extra effort —from the right seller, to the perfect consumer – with the latest technology, creating a website that brings a seller and consumer together and a one stop online shop.

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With our expert vehicle and dealer reviews. we hope you leave SellSaCars.co.za feeling safe, secure and ready to buy your dream car.

Leave your reviews and comments for your favorite dealership in under their listings.

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If you think you have seen a scam or received a suspicious email, you can report this to us at Info@sellsacars.co.za . Please provide as much information as possible so our customer care team can investigate the matter. If you have already purchased the vehicle and would like to raise concerns about the seller, please contact Info@sellsacars.co.za

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