The legendary 3 series

BMW recently launched its 7th generation 3 series sedan and it looks ravishing. The 3 series has been a South African favorite for decades and we certain the new version will continue to attract local fans seeking the thrill of an exhilarating drive. The 3 series ( G20) offers a lifestyle shift with all the bells and whistles. If you a sports enthusiast, executive or a trendsetter this car is made for you.

Launch derivatives for now are 320d and 330i. 2-litre engines with roaring turbos. The stylish body-lines catches your attention from a mile and the sleek, stylish and well thought through interior offers all the latest innovation and makes a very comfortable cabin, touchscreen and connected drive features, sure to keep you driving many kilometers until you ready to pull over. You then simply say ‘Hey, BMW’, and the onboard personal assistance is activated awaiting your next request.

So the legend lives on and promises to meet the demands of today’s luxury sport sedan drivers. Well done BMW, we can’t wait to see them roaring down South African streets.